Gobblet for iPhone

admin on September 1st, 2010

Today is a great day for all Gobblet Fans.

A game very very similar to Gobblet appeared in AppStore and available for all devices: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It is called StackEm and has exactly the same object: build a line of 4 pieces faster than your opponent.

What is really great about the game is that you can play:

  • against the computerAI
  • against the player on the same device
  • agains a remote player.


Here is a small video from developer.

It is a real Gobblet, but with another name. Everyone who likes Gobblet simply must have it in his Apple device :) Rephrasing Gobblet slogan we can say now: StackEm, StackEm, StackEm!

PS. I really hope, that copyright issues won’t raise between Blue Orange and Shawn Grimes who developed mobile version of a game.

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