When Tic-Tac-Toe is Actually Worth Playing

admin on October 6th, 2010

munsongobbletjunor_topI’ve taken the title of this post from a Munson family blog describing their first experience of Gobblet Junior playing. May be it is wrong to do this, but I 100% agree this title, so I couldn’t resist from borrowing it :)

OK, so what is all about there? I’ll tell you :)

Jeannie – mother of this lively girl on the photo to the left – wrote a worth-reading Gobblet Junior gameplay review. We can see how she changes her attitude to this board game with every single move she and her daughter makes.

munsongobbletjunor_bottomShe made a lot of photos and describes every situation that appears on the board. This makes the review much more valuable, as you can see how people play Gobblet in a real life. This is not a sales demonstration of the product, but a truthful opinion of a real user. I really like such reviews and that’s why you read about it here.

Are you still here reading my intro-post? Stop it and read the original now! :) Spend couple of minutes to see what an interesting game Gobblet Junior (and other Gobblet editions of course) is.

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  1. Hmm…I’ve seen the game but didn’t realize it was just a tic tac toe variant. That pretty much kills me interest, but I’ll check out the link and see if that changes my mind.


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