Funny Gobblet GobblersGobblet Gobblers is a junior version of a famous Gobblet board game. This edition looks completely similar to tic-tac-toe as it has 3×3 board and the goal is to build a line of three pieces in a row. But, don’t let this likeness mislead you. Actually Gobblet is a game of real strategy that improves logic and memory. How is that possible, you may ask?

It’s all about Gobblet rules. They are quite simple, but have great improvements comparing with tic-tac-toe. I’m sure you know tic-tac-toe, and now imagine if you could occupy the cell that your opponent owns. Just this small change improves game ability greatly. And this is not the only one improvement that the game has.

Gobblet Gobblers blue pieceThe game doesn’t have a board in a usual sense. But, of course, Gobblet Gobblers is a board game by its mean. The trick is that the board is put together of four nice-colored wooden planks. It is not a big job to do this, but the process itself brings fun to the young players before they actually start playing already. Even more fun the playing pieces give. Just look at kids when they unpack small smiling gobblers (this is how the pieces are named). This is definitely worth seeing.

So, to start a game we need a board and twelve gobblers for both players. Each player has two sets of different-sized gobblers. And this fact brings the light on how we can occupy another player’s cell. To do this you just need to place your gobbler (of a larger size) over your opponent’s gobbler (of a smaller size). That’s it! Now you own a cell that wasn’t yours on previous move. But be aware that your opponent can do the same soon.

Another trick is that you can move your gobbler from one cell on another one. So you can change the placement and change the game situation with just one single move. But player should remember that another gobbler may appear under taken one. And revealing opponent’s gobbler may make him a winner at once without doing anything. So, the memory is as much important as the strategy of building a winning row.

And who is the winner? Laterally the goal is to build three gobblers in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). But looking deeper we can see that developing logic, attention and memory is much more valuable win that parents should definitely rate. And Gobblet Gobblers will help you in much more effective way that usual tic-tac-toe.

Gobblet Gobblers recap. This is a board game for two players above 5. It takes about 5-15 minutes to play. Game set consists of four planks to build a board and 12 funny gobblers. Everything is made of brightly colored wood. But don’t worry about nature, because game publishes do it planting two trees for very one used. And what is more important Gobblet Gobblers develops your child’s intellectual faculties by the mean of a funny game.

Get Gobblet Gobblers and gobble, gobble, gobble every day with your kids!

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