When Tic-Tac-Toe is Actually Worth Playing

admin on October 6th, 2010

munsongobbletjunor_topI’ve taken the title of this post from a Munson family blog describing their first experience of Gobblet Junior playing. May be it is wrong to do this, but I 100% agree this title, so I couldn’t resist from borrowing it :)

OK, so what is all about there? I’ll tell you :)

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Gobblet! is a true board game masterpiece. It’s easy to become an inveterate player. But some people are real enthusiasts. And nothing can stop them from playing Gobblet!, event the absence of the Gobblet game itself.

Look, what an enthusiast can do with several sheets of paper and imagination. It’s incredible and simple at the same time!

Paper Gobblet Junior

That’s it! And doesn’t look to difficult to do. But imagine, that when you do this with your child, he’ll have own handmade board game. Isn’t it great?

So, once you decide to do this, you’ll need patterns of three sizes, paper, scissors and a glue. Didn’t you forget how many gobblets we’ll need to do? If we’re making Gobblet Junior, then twelve: six per player or 4 per size :)

Mike WazowskiSpunch BobBut something tells me that white gobblets should be colored. And here is where you can attract your imagination for 100%. For example, this can be a Spunch Bob or Mike Wazowski. Or you can just paint a smile.

But, what is great about all this stuff is that this will be your kid’s own board game!

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Gobblet pieces stackStrange things happened recently. Almost every Gobblet edition received a considerable discount in online stores. So, looks like we have a Summer X-mas sale until the end of June :) And I like it! Let’s start from the newest versions and see how you can save today:

Gobblet X4 gets 15% discount. Nice result! This is the newest edition of Gobblet board game so, the price fall is not so amasing. I want it now!

Gobblet Gobblers for smaller kids is offered with 30% discount. This is a real price break!

Gobblet (Deluxe Limited Edition) is a premium classic version of the game. And it is offered with 50% discount. This is our discount winner today! But we still have editions to review.

The very first and never out of date classic Gobblet! is offered for $19.84 with a 33.8% discount. Good result.

Portable Gobblet on the go has about 22% discount today. Not so bad.

And finally, Gobblet Junior. Pity, but the very first edition for beginners have no discount at all. BUT it is offered with free shipping. I hope this a small compensation of a zero discount will encourage someone too :).

OK. Let’s sum up.

  1. 5 of 6 Gobblet games received discounts
  2. Deluxe edition has the biggest discount of 50% Amazing!!!
  3. Gobblet Gobblers is the newest and cheapest edition for small kids today
  4. Discounts will disappear after 30th of June

Gobblet game is waiting for you :) Get it in our store today and gobble every day!