Funny Gobblet GobblersGobblet Gobblers is a junior version of a famous Gobblet board game. This edition looks completely similar to tic-tac-toe as it has 3×3 board and the goal is to build a line of three pieces in a row. But, don’t let this likeness mislead you. Actually Gobblet is a game of real strategy that improves logic and memory. How is that possible, you may ask?

It’s all about Gobblet rules. They are quite simple, but have great improvements comparing with tic-tac-toe. I’m sure you know tic-tac-toe, and now imagine if you could occupy the cell that your opponent owns. Just this small change improves game ability greatly. And this is not the only one improvement that the game has.

Gobblet Gobblers blue pieceThe game doesn’t have a board in a usual sense. But, of course, Gobblet Gobblers is a board game by its mean. The trick is that the board is put together of four nice-colored wooden planks. It is not a big job to do this, but the process itself brings fun to the young players before they actually start playing already. Even more fun the playing pieces give. Just look at kids when they unpack small smiling gobblers (this is how the pieces are named). This is definitely worth seeing.

So, to start a game we need a board and twelve gobblers for both players. Each player has two sets of different-sized gobblers. And this fact brings the light on how we can occupy another player’s cell. To do this you just need to place your gobbler (of a larger size) over your opponent’s gobbler (of a smaller size). That’s it! Now you own a cell that wasn’t yours on previous move. But be aware that your opponent can do the same soon.

Another trick is that you can move your gobbler from one cell on another one. So you can change the placement and change the game situation with just one single move. But player should remember that another gobbler may appear under taken one. And revealing opponent’s gobbler may make him a winner at once without doing anything. So, the memory is as much important as the strategy of building a winning row.

And who is the winner? Laterally the goal is to build three gobblers in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). But looking deeper we can see that developing logic, attention and memory is much more valuable win that parents should definitely rate. And Gobblet Gobblers will help you in much more effective way that usual tic-tac-toe.

Gobblet Gobblers recap. This is a board game for two players above 5. It takes about 5-15 minutes to play. Game set consists of four planks to build a board and 12 funny gobblers. Everything is made of brightly colored wood. But don’t worry about nature, because game publishes do it planting two trees for very one used. And what is more important Gobblet Gobblers develops your child’s intellectual faculties by the mean of a funny game.

Get Gobblet Gobblers and gobble, gobble, gobble every day with your kids!

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Introduction to Gobblet board game

admin on November 7th, 2009

GobbletThose who have ever seen Gobblet compared it with tic-tac-toe or connect four games. The goal of the game is to build a row of own color. So, yes, this is the first association that comes to the mind when you see the board and learn the goal. But don’t let this thought to mislead you. Perhaps the goal is the only thing that Gobblet has in common with other named games.

Once you start playing Gobblet you understand that a deep strategy game is hidden in this board and 24 playing pieces named gobblets. The rules of the game uncover its seeming simplicity. The main point here is that if you occupy the cell on the board it doesn’t actually matter that you’ll be there on the next move of your opponent. He can just cap (or gobble in the terms of the game) your gobblet with his own. So instead of winning the game on the next move you must think how to escape the defeat now. Interested? OK, let’s move forward.

The playing pieces remind Russian dolls that hide others inside. There are four sizes of gobblets. I’ve heard that people even use a special terminology when discussing game strategies, like: kings (the biggest pieces), queens, jacks and pawns (the smallest ones). So, once you need to name a piece, for example, to discuss the last game you can easily use this one. Or if you’re playing with a kid something like dad, mom, son and daughter will be more understandable. And for sure comprehension will bring additional fun.

At start each player has twelve gobblets hidden one inside other so they have three stacks where only biggest gobblets are available. On your turn you can do one of the following actions: place new gobblet on the free cell on the board, move the gobblet to another free cell or cap opponent’s gobblet of a smaller size with one of your gobblets on the board. There is one exception of these rules when you can gobble opponent directly from stack when he has three gobblets in a row already. And there are some really natural things that you can’t do: you can’t move a gobble covered by opponent’s one; you can’t cap opponent’s gobblet of a larger or equal size and you can’t put the gobblet back on board if you touch it – you must move it. Once you made your move, the turn comes to your opponent. Finally, when one of the players has four gobblets in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row he wins.

Gobblet rules are quite simple, so a 5 year child can easily understand them. But to play meaningfully game rules suggest starting at 7. To my mind each kid is unique and it’s up to parents to decide when he is ready to play Gobblet. And of course if you being a parent enjoy this game you shouldn’t force your child to play. He’ll do it once he’s ready.

Enjoy the Gobblet!

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Gobblet for smart phones summary

admin on January 15th, 2011

Less than a month ago I discovered Android app to play Gobblet named StackEm for Android.

And today I found a Windows Phone 7 application with more common name of Gobblet :)
It is also a 2D app, but unlike StackEm graphics the author of this game decided to make it as close to board game as possible. Even an image in game menu is the same as on our site, because it is a real game promo photo.

Gobblet for Windows Phone 7 Gobblet for Windows Phone 7 Gobblet for Windows Phone 7

Unfortunately I couldn’t locate author site, so, just giving a link to one of the software catalogs that has this app: Download Gobblet for Windows Phone 7. WP7 users, please, leave your comments about this game as I don’t have such a device and playing StackEm for Android  ;)

And now let’s summarize what we have for Gobblet on mobile devices:

  1. StackEm – to play on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  2. StackEm for Android – to play on Adroid smartphones and tabs
  3. Gobblet – to play on Windows Phone 7 devices.

Isn’t this great? ;) All we have to find now is a PC and Mac versions to play on computer :)

See you soon. Stay tuned! And gobble, gobble, gobble!

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This is the most unexpected and awaited at the same time event for me. Gobblet-like game is available in the Android Market! Since I’m a happy owner of SGS smartphone I’m really happy to find this game for my device :)

The game looks exactly the same as StackEm for Apple that we reviewed recently. It even has the same name StackEm.

Here is the video review of the StackEm for Android:

As you see game board looks exaclty the same. And there are only slight differences in the menu. But what is more interesting, this game is made by another developer. It has completely different algorithms and AI behaviour is not the same as for Apple edition. And this is great to my mind. How do you think?

So, the key features of the version 1.0 are:

  • Single-player mode against a computer player with three levels of difficulty
  • Multiplayer mode (local to the device) with both normal and heads-up display modes
  • Multiple board and piece color schemes

I’m sure this is just the beginning and game developer continue working on the game. At least I hope so :)

Find and Download StackEm for Android on Market or just scan QR code to go directly to the game info:

StackEe: Gobblet for Android

Learn more about Gobblet for Android on the developer site.

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble on your Android smartphone now!

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When Tic-Tac-Toe is Actually Worth Playing

admin on October 6th, 2010

munsongobbletjunor_topI’ve taken the title of this post from a Munson family blog describing their first experience of Gobblet Junior playing. May be it is wrong to do this, but I 100% agree this title, so I couldn’t resist from borrowing it :)

OK, so what is all about there? I’ll tell you :)

Read the rest of this entry »

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StackEm v.2.0: Gobblet for iPhone is online

admin on September 30th, 2010

Hot news about Gobblet for iPhone and iPad called StackEm!

New version 2.0 is ready for immediate download!

StackEm 2.0 main feature is GameCenter with all its benefits:

  • highscore leaderboards
  • achievements
  • multiplayer

StackEm - Gobblet for iPhone and iPad

There is still a small trick to get GameCenter integration. You must have iOS 4.1 to grant an access to it. But this is not a huge price, isn’t it? ;)

Learn more about Gobblet for iPhone

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Very cute handmade Ant Gobblet Edition

admin on September 6th, 2010

Just a quick note following up last week post about handmade Gobblet.

Here is an example what you can do to make your owm board game. Looks just great: Gobblet Ant Edition ;)

Gobblet Ant Edition

Join the club, make your board game and share it with others!

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New StackEm video: Gobblet for iPad

admin on September 4th, 2010

Very good video review of the StackEm game for iPad. Didn’t you forget that StackEm is a great incarnation of Gobblet for Apple Devices? I’m sure you didn’t ;) So, enjoy the video :)

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Gobblet for iPhone

admin on September 1st, 2010

Today is a great day for all Gobblet Fans.

A game very very similar to Gobblet appeared in AppStore and available for all devices: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It is called StackEm and has exactly the same object: build a line of 4 pieces faster than your opponent.

What is really great about the game is that you can play:

  • against the computerAI
  • against the player on the same device
  • agains a remote player.


Here is a small video from developer.

It is a real Gobblet, but with another name. Everyone who likes Gobblet simply must have it in his Apple device :) Rephrasing Gobblet slogan we can say now: StackEm, StackEm, StackEm!

PS. I really hope, that copyright issues won’t raise between Blue Orange and Shawn Grimes who developed mobile version of a game.

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Gobblet! is a true board game masterpiece. It’s easy to become an inveterate player. But some people are real enthusiasts. And nothing can stop them from playing Gobblet!, event the absence of the Gobblet game itself.

Look, what an enthusiast can do with several sheets of paper and imagination. It’s incredible and simple at the same time!

Paper Gobblet Junior

That’s it! And doesn’t look to difficult to do. But imagine, that when you do this with your child, he’ll have own handmade board game. Isn’t it great?

So, once you decide to do this, you’ll need patterns of three sizes, paper, scissors and a glue. Didn’t you forget how many gobblets we’ll need to do? If we’re making Gobblet Junior, then twelve: six per player or 4 per size :)

Mike WazowskiSpunch BobBut something tells me that white gobblets should be colored. And here is where you can attract your imagination for 100%. For example, this can be a Spunch Bob or Mike Wazowski. Or you can just paint a smile.

But, what is great about all this stuff is that this will be your kid’s own board game!

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Gobblet pieces stackStrange things happened recently. Almost every Gobblet edition received a considerable discount in online stores. So, looks like we have a Summer X-mas sale until the end of June :) And I like it! Let’s start from the newest versions and see how you can save today:

Gobblet X4 gets 15% discount. Nice result! This is the newest edition of Gobblet board game so, the price fall is not so amasing. I want it now!

Gobblet Gobblers for smaller kids is offered with 30% discount. This is a real price break!

Gobblet (Deluxe Limited Edition) is a premium classic version of the game. And it is offered with 50% discount. This is our discount winner today! But we still have editions to review.

The very first and never out of date classic Gobblet! is offered for $19.84 with a 33.8% discount. Good result.

Portable Gobblet on the go has about 22% discount today. Not so bad.

And finally, Gobblet Junior. Pity, but the very first edition for beginners have no discount at all. BUT it is offered with free shipping. I hope this a small compensation of a zero discount will encourage someone too :).

OK. Let’s sum up.

  1. 5 of 6 Gobblet games received discounts
  2. Deluxe edition has the biggest discount of 50% Amazing!!!
  3. Gobblet Gobblers is the newest and cheapest edition for small kids today
  4. Discounts will disappear after 30th of June

Gobblet game is waiting for you :) Get it in our store today and gobble every day!

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Gobblet Gobblers video review by Hayden

admin on June 9th, 2010

I’ve just found a new Gobblet Gobblers video review by a young blogger Hayden. He’s only 6 but, his video posts about games are awesome. In this video his younger brother helps him to introduce the game. This looks very funny, positive and superb! OK, lets watch it now. And don’t say that you don’t like these kids :)

Have a nice day! And don’t forget to play Gobblet today with your kids :)

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